Chicago Music Festival After-Party with Patron Xo Cafe Noir

Christina Brown

Coffee drinkers around the world can add Patron Xo Cafe to their list of favorite alcoholic beverages. This unique high-quality liqueur is a blend of Patron Silver tequila and coffee, distilled at 70 proof, producing a dark, rich brown liqueur that has a smooth, yet dry finish.

To help promote its newest product, Patron collaborated with its co-host, Spin Magazine, on Friday, July 15 at the Prairie Production (1314 W. Randolph) in Chicago. The event served as an after-party for the Chicago Music Festival and featured several different attractions including a professional photo crew, a fortune teller, a silent auction and live entertainment.

As party attendees entered the party venue, they were greeted by a professional photo crew that guided them through an Xo Noir editorial-style photo shoot.  Guests could goof off during the photo shoot and use props to pose in their own scenario-based photo experience. After the photo shoot, they could choose their favorite photo and take it home as a keepsake.

The party’s entertainment brought a distinct personal element to the entire night. Live performances throughout the night showed that a DJ isn’t needed to get the party started.
To begin the party, El Radio Fantastique, began a live performance. There were also performances by members of Yard Dogs Road Show troupe, who performed burlesque and vaudeville acts that transformed the party into an old Hollywood soiree. Another unique form of entertainment that partygoers could enjoy was the Xo Noir fortune teller. The fortuneteller was a huge hit among party attendees and offered not only a look into your future, but also encouraging advice for your future.

The evening also featured a silent auction, held on behalf of the Music Unites organization, which is dedicated towards funding music education programs in under privileged school districts throughout the country. Over $3,000 was raised from auctioning off items such as VIP passes to other music festivals, autographed band memorabilia and limited edition music photos.

Although several different forms of entertainment were showcased through out the party, the main focus was the drink and food menu that incorporated the featured liqueur of the night. Bartenders keep pouring up hot and cold cocktails featuring the unique coffee liqueur. Specialty drinks also were served up consisting of signature cocktails such as the Xo nightcap made up of Patron Xo Cafe, Pyrat Rum, Hot Coffee, freshly whipped cream and cocoa powder, and the Xo Lebowski consisting of Patron Xo Cafe, Ultimat vodka and cream. The desserts served were also inspired by the coffee liqueur. Creamy coconut popsicles made with the Patron Xo Cafe were a nice finishing touch for partygoers after eating hors d'œuvre, which included mini pizza quiches and mini sausage and pepper sandwiches.

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