The Musical Genius of Joachim Garraud

By: Zuzanna Skwiot

In the middle of a tour that has taken him to Spain, Brazil, Dubai and countless other
worldwide cities, French DJ Joachim Garraud landed in Chicago last weekend to
headline an hour-long set at Lollapalooza.
His second Lollapalooza show (he also performed last year) was a moment he will never
“I’ve never seen so many people in love with the music,” he says. “It was the big moment
of my DJ-ing career.”
Being able to share his love for music with a crowd as large as the one at the festival was
something Joachim loves.
“Playing keyboard in front of so many people was amazing,” he added. “Nothing
compared to that afternoon.”
Following his Lollapalooza concert, Joachim also performed at Skybar. The amount of
people that showed up, Joachim says, exceeded his expectations.
“The club was packed,” he says. “The whole day was just great.”
And his festival circuit is far from over.
Besides being on his current tour, Joachim will also be performing at New York’s own
festival, Electric Zoo this September.
With a constant tour schedule and booked shows, it may seem like Joachim does not have
time for much else.
Yet every week, he plays an hour-long radio show titled Zemmix. Featuring his songs and
pop/techno creations, he has a venue to further play his music.
“The show is a lot of fun,” he says. “I’m proud to play my own professional music.”
And his love for music and composing his own creations began a while ago, yet has taken
a somewhat different direction.
“I had a classical music background,” he reveals. “And classical music reminds me of
my time at school and that’s why I love it.”
His classical background has strongly influenced him, yet his own music has a much
more modern feel, as will be seen in his upcoming album, to be released at the end of the
“When I’m doing stuff under my name, it’s more like space invaders,” he adds.
Whether its classical or techo, or if he’s performing in front of a sold-out crowd of
several thousand or recording his radio show, it is clear that he has a passion for music in
“I just love it all,” he says.