The Modern Superwoman

Debi Lilly

Susan Nethero is today’s modern version of Superwoman.
She’s bringing the girlfriend experience to the retail world, and women are lining up to feel more attractive, beautiful, and embark on the ultimate journey to look and feel their best.
And just how is Susan doing this? 
For starters, she’s lifting women up, by their bra straps, literally, one “pair” at a time.
Is she the new breed of female CEOs?  Part entrepreneur, part holistic practitioner, part stylist, combined with working mother, coupled with mother of the bride at the moment, plus a dash of doting wife.
She believes in so many important things, all of which elevate the confidence of women everywhere, from coast to coast.
You see, in teaching women how to wear a bra, her lucky clients immediately and magically appear to “shed” a few pounds, instantly eliminate the dreaded “back fat”, are now more comfortable, now more confident, and improve their overall body image.  Poof.  Just like that.
Look better, feel better. 
Love your body, love yourself.
It is empowerment, started from “within”…the t-shirt.
So how did Susan wander into “bra whispering”?  When her husband was transferred to Atlanta, she worried about moving south.  Susan was a Manhattan urban girl, after all.
Down south, with a new baby by her side, she took an issue she’d struggled with her entire life long – ill fitting lingerie – and dove head first into the phenomenon of reality tv’s makeovers and personal styling, coupled with vast amounts of customer research to design a consumer oriented idea, developing a solution to customer lingerie needs.
Susan spent an entire week training with June Kenton, the famous London Royal Bra Fitter to the Queen of England, who at age 73 shared her holistic methods.  June mentored Susan in giving women peace of mind, and the synergistic affects of confidence to feeling good about themselves.
Partnering with a retailer allowed Susan to open up her first shop, and appear (five times!) on Oprah right here in Chicago.  She packed up suitcases filled with 1,500 bras from Chicago, and custom fit with “bra makeovers” five guests for the show, as well as executives, producers, stylists, and more.
Hard to imagine, but eighty five percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra.  
Sixty five percent of women complain of discomfort.
Two thirds of women think that their body is to blame…they had a baby, they are out of shape.
Over ninety sizes are offered – from an A cup to a K cup.  A K cup?  Who knew.
Eighty percent of the store’s gorgeous goods are hard to find European brands, creating a unique and exclusive mix of products including Hollywood celeb favorite La Perla. 
Stores are changing the lives of women one bra at a time from coast to coast, in Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Miami, San Diego, Dallas, Los Angeles, and more to come in 2012.
Susan is all about service.  She stuck a stake in the ground, and said “Intimacy is ALL about service.”
It is an evolution of ideas, as well as service, that has created her empire.  She’s redefining basic needs, and she’s passionate about serving a greater purpose. 
One bra by one bra, she’s changing the character and confidence of women young and old, all while designing a fulfilling career, challenging greatness, and for the next few months, planning her daughter’s picture perfect autumn wedding.