Thunder From Down Under Storms Chicago

Zuzanna Skwiot

Thunder from Down Under has stormed into Chicago for the next three months and settled into the historic LaSalle Power Company building.
The Australian male revue show is the number one male show of its kind in the world and will now be showcased in the Windy City with five shows per week.
Thunder is not a strip show. There is no throwing money or pole dancing. Instead, the revue show is an entirely planned production. The blokes rehearse their dance routines and coordinate their decorative costumes.
“The show is tasteful, fun, safe, genuine and charismatic,” said Benny, Thunder’s emcee.
“It’s not tacky,” he added. “It’s elaborate.”
There’s a pirate, a gangster and a warrior, among many other costumes and each of the performers has their own onstage personality and character. All of the show’s performers are originally from Australia and have since traveled the world performing with Thunder.
After seeing multiple US cities and international towns, Benny admits that Chicago has a certain charm.
“I love it here. Chicago is a great place,” he said. “It’s magical.”
The men perform in front of crowds of women, those attending bachelorette, wedding, divorce parties or even those looking for a fun weekend performance. Benny even makes it a point to interact with the show’s older audience.
“I’ve brought an 88-year-old grandmother on to the stage before,” he said.
“It’s my job to captivate the whole crowd,” Benny added.
Benny and the rest of the boys even mingle with the audience after the show. Following curtain call, most performers go downstairs to LaSalle’s second floor where the building’s club is located, and hang out.
One of his biggest goals with the show is to break people’s preconceived ideas and expectations of such a show.
“There’s a stigma for shows similar to this,” said Benny. “I want to show people that it’s not shady, oily, narcissistic or cheeky.”
Thunder is nothing like that. It truly is an entertainment show.
“No matter what your orientation, marital status or background, you’ll enjoy this show,” Benny said. “It’s a performance that will invigorate people from all walks of life.”
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