Tommy Lee

Zuzanna Skwiot

Ever since he founded Mötley Crüe in 1981, Tommy Lee has been rocking out in front of crowds and arenas throughout the world. Most recently, he has stepped away from his glam metal band and joined the Meowingtons Hax Tour of deadmau5.

“We’re having a blast,” says Tommy, who is also joined by DJ Aero onstage.

Before he started performing with the DJ and producer, Tommy and Mötley Crüe traveled to Japan for a six-stop tour. It was here that Tommy also celebrated his birthday on October 3.

“It was fucking epic actually,” says Tommy of his 49th birthday celebration. He also recalls getting chocolate cake and flowers from his girlfriend – Sofia “SOFI” Toufa, a singer who is also featured on deadmau5’s songs.

“The guys got me some Japanese Catholic school girls and a Japanese singing Elvis to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me,” he adds.

And that’s just the part of the day that he’s willing to talk about.

The evening of his birthday, he spent rocking out on stage.

“They love us there [in Japan],” he adds. “The entire day was just epic.”

While his performances with his original rock band are filled with head banging and dives into the crowd, the energy is on the deadmau5 tour is something else.

“It’s night and day different,” he says. “This whole crowd is moving to one rhythm even though they might not know some of the cool new shit that we’re dropping.

The tour had several sold out shows throughout the country and brought a new crowd and generation of audience members that Tommy eagerly welcomed.

“It’s crazy,” he adds. “It’s just a different animal.”